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My name is Bilal Chebaro and I’m a part time wildlife photographer. Photography is not my primary job as I hold a position  within the IT industry, I do this most of my great interest in the visual arts and nature.

There is nothing that beats the feeling of being first to place a glorious morning, to experience the dawn by the sea and the first rays of light when they slowly caress dew covered flowers and awaken mayflies to life. It is easy to be poetic, get inspiration and shake off daily stress.

In my photos I try to apply a balance between sense and technology, an image must be beautiful to watch and at the same time convey a mood.

The largest sources of inspiration are nature, light and colors. The light is my brush, I work actively to find the right light in my photos, whether it is hot, cold or obscure.

The feeling is at the heart, when I manage to convey it to others, then it feels that I have succeeded with that picture.

I have a preference for macro and abstract nature photography, but I’m more than happy to photograph landscapes, street, documentary, portraits and models in the studio.

In 2011, I will be focusing more on wildlife and bird photography, but of course work with other photography as well. Even performing a number of expeditions to the Arctic regions. New images will appear along the way in the portfolio.

Pictures of the photographer


Although I believe that the equipment does not make a better photographer, I have acquired a solid and sound equipment.

I photograph entirely digital with Nikon equipment, now only full frame, with only original and quality lenses from 10 up to 600 mm.

The studio is at home and contains good quality flashes from Elinchrom and all necessary equipment; such as backgrounds, octabox, reflectors and softboxes, both for portraits and product photography.

... and the first rays of light when they slowly caress dew covered flowers and awaken the mayflies to life...

These pictures are taken by my brother Helal one early morning.

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