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Say HELLO to a new APP (9 January 2014)

My new app is now available for download on Apple App Store (iPhone and iPad) Google Play (Android phones and tablets).

Read all about it: http://bilalchebaro.blogspot.se/2014/01/say-hello-to-new-app.html

A 2013 retrospective (31 December 2013)

Happy New Year, may it be your best one ever! I wrote a retrospective of 2013, check it out: http://bilalchebaro.blogspot.se/2013/12/a-2013-retrospective.html

Nokia Lumia 925 (25 September 2013)

I've been asked by Nokia to try the Lumia 925 for a couple of weeks and see what I can do with it. I found it a bit of a challenge, so I carried it along wherever I went.

I took some landscapes, cityscapes, street photography, art, nature, seascapes, flowers, etc. Here are some of the photos I took > Nokia Lumia 925 photo album <

You can even read about it in my blog:


Natur 2013 in Vårgårda (14 July 2013)

During the annual nature photography festival in Vårgårda, I will show images live on stage and in the exhibition hall.

Please read more in the Calendar in the menu above or visit Nature 2013 http://vgfk.se/festivalen/natur-2013/.

Images of Nordic Nature (1 July 2012)

Starting on July 1st, I’m contributing to the new website “Images of Nordic Nature”. 15 of Sweden’s most renowned and hardworking nature photographers will present a new image from the Nordic nature, for you every day of the year.

All of us are members of the Swedish Association for Nature Photographers which has promoted ethical nature photography since 1966.

We treat both nature and our audience with respect. The welfare of nature and its inhabitants is our main consideration and if something is digitally changed in our images we´ll let you know.


Images of Antarctica (18 december 2011)

Now there's a new album in the gallery with a selection of new images from Antarctica. A slideshow with 150 photos can be held by request, For more info, please contact me through the guestbook form or by Facebook.

Expedition to Antarctica (11 October 2011)

In a few days I go on an expedition to Antarctica and will be gone for almost a month. Of course, this means that I will be offline for most of the trip, obviously it is difficul to get Internet connection in this part of the world. But of corse, I will update my blog whenever possible. Read more about Antarctica here

Brilliant Photographic Art (24 September 2011)

I am exhibiting a dozen pictures at the newly opened gallery Brilliant Photographic Art in Stockholm. The photos can be purchased in limited copies. More info about the shop's Brilliant Facebook page here

Fotosidan Magasin (8 june 2011)

In the latest issue of the Swedish magazine “Fotosidan Magasin” No. 3-2011, I give critique on readers' macro pictures and give some macro tips, get your copy at your nearest news vendor.

The Swedish Nature Photographers /N (2011-03-27)

I got the good news that I have been elected as a member of the society “The Swedish Nature Photographers” / N, check the webpage here.

Now on Facebook (30 September 2010)

Visit my new page on Facebook where it’s easier to follow the latest news, photos and blog entries. You can find the page here, don’t forget to “Like” the page!

New photos in the gallery "nature : 80°N"

(05 August 2010)

Now you can find more photos from my Arctic expedition in "Nature : 80°N". I even updated some other albums with new pictures. You’re welcome to take a look!

New album in the gallery "nature : 80°N"

(30 June 2010)

A successful and also very nice expedition is over and a new album "Nature : 80°N" is now in the portfolio. I hope you like the pictures, the album will be filled on an ongoing basis.

Arctic expedition (22 May 2010)

An expedition to Arctic Svalbard is planned and will be held June 12 - 22, with the hope to have the opportunity to photograph some amazing nature and wildlife.

You can follow my journey through the blog "bild och text" (that can be translated to English) but also I maybe upload some pictures to the iPhone blog "snap and go", to the extent that I have access to a wireless internet, which is not garanteed on a trip like this. Check it out at regular intervals.

Blogs in different languages (20 May 2010)

Now it is possible to translate the blogs into different languages, "bild och text" (which stands for Image and Text) is written in Swedish, but now you have the opportunity to choose from a selected number of languages. Even the English iPhone blog "snap and go" can now be translated into other languages.

This is done using Google Translate, just like any automatic machine translation, it is not entirely reliable but gives a hint about the content. If you wish some other language, please write your request in my Guestbook.

New web hotel (03 May 2010)

This website have now found a new home, hopefully this will give all my visitors better performance and user experience.

New photos (01 May 2010)

I have updated all the albums in my portfolio  and added many new photos, I hope you like it.

Mobile phone blog (27 April 2010)

I started a new blog just for my iPhone, compact and toy camera photos, it’s called "snap and go" and you can find it here http://bilalchebaro2.blogspot.com or n the menus above. This is just for fun and to have a plce where I can publish mobile phone pictures.

Hornborgasjön, Sweden (27 April 2010)

Spent a few days with 13 800 cranes at Hornborgasjön. It was a impressive sight that resulted in a lot of pictures of cranes, you can see some of those in "nature birds" in the gallery.

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